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GCTK has been developed to help you solve the many mystery caches that are available throughout the world. Not all puzzles are that obvious or easy to solve and this app can be of great help to do so!

The developer is a geocacher himself; he knows what problems may arise when trying to solve mystery caches which was the main reason to start development of the app.

The development of GCTK is a continuing process, depending the input/requests of other geocachers who are faced with mystery caches that aren't easy to solve. Anyone can make a request to add a tool into the app. Therefore GCTK will grow bigger and bigger containing more tools.

GCTK can only be downloaded at the Apple appstore.

GCTK : Geocaching Toolkit
About GCTK

Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin
D°M'S" conversions
Distance units
Hex/Binary/Decimal/Bas64 to ASCII
Hex/Binary/Decimal/Octal conversions
Roman numbers


2 WPs + 2 bearings = new WP
2 WPs + 2 distances = 2 new WPs
Centroid & surface of triangle
Centroid of circle through any 3 WPs
Crossing lines
Distance, bearing, middle of 2 WPs
Project a new WP
WP/Bearing + WP/Distance = new WP


Cellphone keypad
Decode Morse
Decode Vigenère
Hint/ROT decrypting
Pigpen cypher
Resistor colorcodes
Sign language
Signal flags: maritime
Signal flags: semaphore


General  textanalyses (a=1, a=26, count characters, ROT decrypting, etc)


Sudoku solver
An overview of the tools
Some screenshots
Need support ?
Don't hesitate and contact us at : gctkosx@rijkesoftware.com
Mac OS X version