Coordinate Systems Converter
This app is the first, and for now the only, app that can convert coordinates between 3800+ coordinate systems/datums. Not only the usual conversions between UTM, MGRS and the various WGS84 systems but also eg. between exotic types like Dominica 1945 / British West Indies Grid, Katanga 1955 / Katanga Lambert or NAD83 / Oklahoma South.
A list of all supported systems/datums is given below.

For support, questions, remarks, etc. please contact us at :
Over 3800 coordinate systems/datums to convert
When applicable, in- and output can be formatted D, DM or DMS
Results visible in OpenStreetMap when an internet connection is available
Export the converted coordinate to WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, Text message or just copy it to any other app
Abidjan 1987 - NAD 83 / Minnesota North (ftUS)
NAD 83 / Minnesota North (ftUS) - OSGB 1936
OSGB 1936 / British National Grid - UTM Zone 07N NAD27 Datum
UTM Zone 07N NAD83 Datum - WGS 84 / SCAR IMW ST45-48
WGS 84 / SCAR IMW ST49-52 - Zanderij / TM 54 NW
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